Speaking Engagements:

Addressing Large-Scale, Complex Challenges in a Variety of Formats

Transitioning Enterprises from Extractive to Regenerative through Leadership Development

I have a passion for growing the capabilities of leaders who facilitate the transition of extractive enterprises to regenerative enterprises with Social Value. Using this base, I have presented globally on the collaborative leadership needed to help grow communities and protect environments into the future.

As a United Nations Task Force Chair and three-times UN Speaker, my commitment to ensure best practice in leadership and sustainability has been unwavering throughout my 20-year career.

Creating Impact. Sharing Knowledge. Multiple Speaking Formats

I believe we create the most impact through the connections we make and the knowledge we share when we genuinely prioritise wellbeing in today’s workplaces, and the communities and environments they’re situated in, in order to ensure future sustainability. I share my knowledge and experience through a variety of speaking formats: keynote addresses, plenary sessions, industry panels, webinars, forums, podcasts, media and video interviews and more.

I’ve been told that my delivery style is direct and authoritative, yet deeply humble. It’s the impact that my work creates that matters. I’m committed to ensuring that knowledge and expertise is shared so we all increase our capacities to maximum benefit.

Three Essential Speaking Topics

Committed and caring. Captivating and credible. One powerful speaker. One irrefutably authentic leader: Bobbie Foot.